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Crystal Water

Charging Water with Crystals

Drinking water charged with crystals is one of the easiest ways to integrate the energy of crystals into your body on a cellular and vibrational level.   With charged water you can drink in the benefits easily and fill your body with crystal energy daily.

Now before you freak out remember your body is a crystalline structure because you are made of minerals one of them being Silica.  They are just a frequency of energy.  Also they were and are used in radios and computers to enhance the energy.  Now is that better?  That wasn't so bad after all was it?  Ha!!! just had to tease some of you.  Get out of your box and allow yourself to learn.

Water can be charged with crystals very easily.  All that is needed is a crystal, a glass, water, and some sunlight.  Before you begin, you need to know what your goal is and what crystals can help you achieve energetic results.  For example, if you want more abundance a garnet or citrine could be used.  To increase the effectiveness of your immune system, a carnelian would be helpful.  For communication, a blue calcite could offer assistance.  For a complete list of crystals and what they can help with, please check out the Healing Crystal’s guide http://www.healingcrystals.comThis web site is one of the best informative sites I believe and I love the energy of their stones.

When choosing the amount of crystals, the general rule of thumb to follow is one medium tumbled stone per pint of water. You can use more if you would like, but it is not necessary.  You can also use rough crystals instead of tumbled stones, but they must remain on the outside of the pitcher. For the sake of safety, the water being charged in this article will have the tumbled crystals on the outside of the container as well. For your information, here is a caution guide to crystals,

Once you have your crystal(s) you can clean and charge it with moonlight and/or sunlight so that it has the best energy possible to assist you. When charging the crystal(s) with energy, leave it in moonlight at least for one night and a couple of hours of sunlight.  Please be aware that some crystals fade in sunlight (Rose Quartz, Amethyst, Citrine, etc.).  If you are using one of these crystals, just leave it in the sun for ten to fifteen minutes.  Some may not want to use the sunlight at all and that is fine.

The next step is to get a glass pitcher. If one isn’t handy, a tall glass or clean glass jar will do.  Fill the container with the purest water you can find.  Find a spot on a heatproof/fireproof surface where the water can receive some sunlight.  An hour or two is great, but if you only have 30 minutes that will do.  Place the pitcher to receive sunlight and then put the crystal(s) right next to it touching the glass.  The water will be instilled with the energy of the crystal(s) as the sunlight touches it. Check on the water periodically.  The sun moves around and if you wish to receive more than 30 minutes worth of sunlight, the pitcher may need to be repositioned.

After charging the water you can move the pitcher to a different spot.  Leaving the crystal next to the pitcher is fine. You can drink the water throughout the day or if you are travelling you can take it with you in another container. The water can also be used for cooking (another great way to integrate the energy), feeding pets, watering plants, washing your face, or even to rinse your clothes. Be creative. The more you use it, the more crystal energy you will bring to your life.

I like to begin the process with prayer and ask Heavenly Father to bless the process of energizing the water that it might aide my body in health and vitality.  (what ever your inspired to ask for). Also those of you who use Kinesiology you can test things like which stones, how long and can I use more than one stone etc.

Now go have fun experimenting and let me know how you did and what you experienced.

Medical disclaimer:

Information in this article is for educational purposes only.  This information is not intended as medical advice or for use as diagnosis or treatment of a health problem or as a substitute for consulting a licensed Medical Profession.  Neither the publisher or author directly or indirectly dispenses medical advice, nor do they prescribe remedies or assume responsibility for those who choose to treat themselves.

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