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Verlene Healy
Verlene Healy-Hypnotist

​​Even as a child I could not enjoy the seasons. My immune system was so weak that any change in the weather would bring on a cold or the flu. As a young mother I would dread school starting because I would be the first to come down with “what was going around”. Now as a grandmother, because of the things I’ve learned, I can enjoy each season with energy and health.

I have always had interest in natural health because my parents had a few books on the subject. In raising five boys I relied heavily on our great pediatrician but I knew that there was a better way than just treating the problem. When I realized that our oldest was hyper and out of control I did not want him on medication. In my heart I knew that this was not the answer. I started to read and with prayer I was able to learn about eliminating dyes and additives from his diet. What a different child! 

Finding the answers for my children were easier than finding the answers I needed for me. The doctors were never able to do anything for my health problems, even after many tests. I was diagnosed with ulcers, all sorts of female problems including painful cysts and conditions relating to rheumatoid arthritis. I knew that I would become crippled and the medical profession could not help me. They only wanted to experiment on me. 

It was not long after Brenda got into Natural Healing that I met her. Not only did she help me gain my health, she became my teacher and my wonderful friend. I not only learned to help myself but my family and friends.

I have taken Reiki classes, Iridology classes, I am a Certified Hypnotist with the National Guild of Hypnotists, Inc., Certified in Hypno-Birthing, Certified with the Rapid Eye Institute and I am licensed and certified with the National Funeral Directors Association as a Preplanning Consultant. 

My heart is full with thankfulness for all that was put upon this earth for our use. The Creator has indeed given us all and is willing to let us gain all the knowledge we desire. Desire is the key word in all our existence. It is my desire to share on this web-site what knowledge Brenda and I have learned and used in our personal lives and careers. We are excited to help you improve your lives physically, emotionally and spiritually.

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