"The Emotional Release class I took was wonderful. Thanks for putting it on!  Mickinly


Complete System Healing  

These BOOKLETS AND VIDEOS are designed for families to learn the natural modalities of healing that will give them the ability to care for their family's health needs.  The booklets and videos will include the anatomy of each organ within the system, diseases associated with each system: Herbs, Vitamins, Nutrition, Bodywork, Energy Healing, Acupressure points, Color Therapy, Crystals, Tone, Aroma Therapy. Emotional Healing, ETC,  To give the body the support necessary to heal.  Kinesiology will be taught through the booklets. The prices of the booklets and videos reflect my sincere desire to serve and to help families become more self-sufficient. When you finish the Digestive system you will receive a 9th booklet and video on KINESIOLOGY free of charge.  Everyone that took the classes in 2020 took part in the videos.  We had a great time and no one wanted them to end.  ENJOY

The Booklets and videos for each class will be a great resource for your family.  I look forward to visiting with you as you take the course. With each course, you will have one month of access to Dr. Grogan for questions thru texting or phone calls.

 1.  Emotional Release


 2.  The Bodies Electrical Energy Field and Brain                      

 3.  Hormonal System and Glands (Endocrine System)       


 4.  Circulatory System and Lymphatic System 


 5.  Skeletal System  and Skin


 6.  Muscular System and Nervous System  (NMR technique taught).

 7.  Respiratory System, and Urinary System

 8.   Digestive System

 9. Kinesiology  (Free to all who complete the course)


    The End!!

The booklet and video classes are now available in THE HEALTHY WAY Store under The Complete System Healing they will be $250 per class.



The Emotional Release class was amazingAmy


Emotional Release


 "Your emotions play one of the most important parts in your physical health. The body has an insurmountable challenge dealing with the negative programming that is in our lives. You need to deal with your feelings and thoughts in order to deal with your health. Emotional release therapy is a way to balance out negative energy." -Debbie Staley