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Dr. Brenda Hamilton

My name is Brenda Hamilton ( formerly Brenda Grogan). I have been in the health field for over 40 years as a Nurse and a Holistic Naturopath. My story begins over 40 years ago after I had my sixth child...


My emotions were extremely out of balance because of a chemical (hormone) imbalance. The doctor prescribed Prozac for me to take and the journey began. During the first few months, I felt that the world was a beautiful place to live and I wanted to be part of it. At first, the side effects were minimal but as time went on, more and more appeared.


I had palpitations of the heart, I became emotionally numb – someone could have cut off my arm and I wouldn’t have cared. My father died during that time and I wasn’t able to grieve. I made some financial decisions that put us in debt because I wasn’t thinking clearly. I decided at that point that I was going to find another way. 

Dr. Brenda Grogan doctor of naturopathic medicine



One day a friend called and told me about a lady and her husband who did Iridology. I decided to go see them as I had many questions about Iridology – just exactly what it was and how it would help my health. They also did something called Kinesiology. My friend couldn’t explain what it was and told me I just needed to go see them. I felt very strongly that I should go and so I made an appointment.


On the day of the appointment, I was nervous to go by myself so I took my mother with me. Ha! Ha! I don’t know what I thought was going to happen. I was amazed at what I saw, what I was told, and the realization that I could learn how to take care of myself. It was very freeing to recognize the truth in what I was experiencing and to know that I wouldn’t have to depend on others for information about my health. I would be able to help my family and others in a way that wouldn’t cost them a mint and they wouldn’t have to rely on those they didn’t trust. I began to cry out of joy at the newfound knowledge. I was so grateful. They helped me to get off the Prozac and onto herbs, vitamins, and minerals, and in a few weeks, I was doing so much better. In a few months, I was well and feeling great. I began studying with them after the husband told me he had been praying and felt very strongly they were to teach me.


Then one day, about two years later, I discovered I had cancer of the female organs. We caught it very early and that led me on a whole new journey. A man came into my life who became my healer and my teacher. I was truly blessed. He was a massage therapist and a doctor of Naturopathy. As a nurse, I saw how the medical profession handles cancer and I chose to handle it the natural way - which didn’t include chemotherapy. I wanted to live. I had six beautiful children and a husband who loved me and I wasn’t ready to check out just yet. Prayer then, as it does now, plays a big part in my decisions, and dying wasn’t the plan. I was supposed to follow and use the natural things the Lord placed on the earth for his children to use. In one year’s time, the cancer was gone and life was grand. Because the Lord spared my life and taught me through the experiences that I had with my health I chose to serve Him by teaching and sharing with others. 


I went on to get my Diplomas as a Naturopathic Medical Doctor and Doctor of Mechanotherapy. I am licensed in the State of Idaho as a Massage Therapist and have retired as a Midwife since 2016. I have many Certifications and hours of training in Iridology, Kinesiology, Reflexology Acupressure, Massage, Nerve and Muscle release techniques, Color Therapy, Music Therapy, Aroma Therapy, Herbology, Emotional, and Allergy Release, Homeopathics, Magnetics, Crystal Therapy, Nutrition, Hypnosis, Hypnobirthing Fertility Therapist, RET Technician, Auricular Therapy, and Energy Work.


I am excited and look forward to sharing with all of you and your families the blessings that come with learning the truths of healing your soul.


Update: September 2, 2013


It's been six weeks since my surgery. Two months prior I started having some bleeding and went in for a checkup. Everything I had done naturally wasn't stopping it, so when I prayed it came to me that I was supposed to go to the doctor. When they did the pap the test results came back with grade 3 cancer of the uterus. That meant that it was fast-growing. In prayer, it was given to me that this time I didn't have time to care for it naturally, that I had lots to do still on this earth, and that I should have the surgery. They did a complete Hysterectomy, Bladder, and Rectal Repair. They were able to get it all so chemo and radiation were not recommended. Every day I get stronger and I am so grateful for a Heavenly Father who hears and answers prayers.  I can tell you that stress plays a big part in a person's health and that every experience we go through is for the learning of everyone. Life is such a gift and we should always be in a state of gratitude and joy. I want my family and friends to know how much I love and honor them for all their love and support.


Update: September 30, 2015


It's been an amazing two years since the surgery.  First and foremost I want to tell you I feel great.  I've prayerfully made the decision to retire as a midwife starting in January of 2016 and I am teaching more and more and finally getting this website up and running.  Thank you for all your love and support.

Update: December 29, 2019

I wanted to give you all an update and let you know I am alive and kicking. My body and mind are stronger than they have been since cancer.  In just this last 4 year period since I wrote, my world has seen much change. Benny retired,  we sold our home after a major remodel, purchased another place in Hammett ID, remodeled again HAHA  (that's our joy and/or our curse),  we have had family joys and sorrows, writing books, and teaching the last few months with lots of friends and family who support me in this strange life calling, which I love and adore.  Every Day I can only say that without my/our Heavenly Father, I sincerely don't know where or how any of us would survive and still have gratitude and joy.


Update:  July 24, 2021

Oh my gosh, there has been a lot that has happened over the past 2 years. We lived in Hammett for 5 years and now it is time for a change. We sold our property and are with our daughter in Pennsylvania for now.  The Healthy Way will remain in Idaho.  It is beautiful here everything is so green.  

Update:  June 6, 2023

You know life is very strange sometimes. You have many ideas that come into your mind throughout the years as you age and what your life might look like. Then, in all awe, you begin to watch how it all unfolds and suddenly it is totally different from anything you could have ever imagined. I have learned a lot in the past 2 years, especially about myself.  I've learned it is okay to set boundaries and that just because you love and respect others doesn't mean they will always love and respect you back. I have learned that relationships can change, through no fault of your own, because they are not growing in the same direction as you are. I have discovered it is okay for others to travel down a different path even though you may have traveled together for many years. I am reminded that the only person who is forever faithful, loving, respectful in my life, and trustworthy is my Heavenly Father.  Humans were sent here to learn and sometimes in that learning others get hurt. That is what free agency is all about. However, it isn't truly free, is it? There is always a blessing or a consequence as a result of our agency. If this sounds sad it isn't, just reflecting, I am so very grateful for all of life's experiences and would not have it any other way. I believe we each had a plan when we came here and things that needed to be experienced, so giving gratitude and joy for all of our life experiences is very important and freeing.

Oh, by the way, I moved to Boise Idaho.  Glad to be home! 

Update:  September 27/2023

As of the end of May, the end of 50 years of marriage occurred. That decision was certainly made with lots of prayers.  I can tell you I never considered that at 72 years old I would be experiencing a divorce.  I am truly at peace with it all and happy. My health is good and in fact, because the stress is less my health is better than it has been for a very long time.  I'm working still, which I love, teaching, volunteering at the VA, taking care of one of my Grandchildren a little, and having fun doing things with the other grandchildren one to one. They are so amazing!  It's fun to watch them travel life's roads. Maybe they can teach me some new tricks. Ha Ha. I still have gratitude and joy for all of life's experiences and look forward to the future.  

Update:  February 26, 2024

Well as of February 17, 2024, I am Mrs Gary Hamilton. I can tell you it is a love story instituted by God and E Harmony. I am in Love. Never in all my life did I think that at age 72 I would find the love of my life. Thank you, God, amazing!!!


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