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Symbolism of the Oak Tree


What is true, noble, right, pure, lovely, admirable, and anything of excellence and worthy of praise, dwell on these things only. Philippians 4:8



The Healthy Way LLC is a Natural Health Clinic owned and operated by a Holistic Naturopath, Brenda Hamilton.  The Healthy Way's business mailing address is 10514 Airpark Loop, Melba, ID 83641.


Brenda Hamilton teaches her patrons to maintain their health and avoid unnecessary illness and dis-ease through the use of vitamins, minerals, and various other natural therapies.

As a Holistic Naturopath (HD) Brenda Hamilton has lived through many of the same struggles as the families she serves. After serving in the United States Air Force she became a nurse. Thirteen years later her journey into Holistic Naturopathy began after she was prescribed anti-depressants and wanted a solution to the serious side effects she experienced. She found the world of Naturopathic Healing and has dedicated her life to helping people The Healthy Way. You can read more of her story here

Brenda Hamilton has contributed to the field of natural healing for over four decades and has helped thousands of people in search of healthier alternatives. She specializes in Kinesiology, Intuitive Energy Healing, Nutrition, Natural Health Consulting, Hypnotherapy, Color Therapist, Teacher of Naturopathy, and Aromatherapist. 


She was the recipient of the 2014 South Central Public Health District's Health Hero Award.  



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