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This 54-page Booklet AND Video (Thumb drive) are part of the Complete Healing System program. While going through each booklet in the course you will have access to Dr. Grogan thru text and phone call for 30 days with each booklet for help and questions. Have Fun in empowering the amazing you. These booklets are not to be duplicated or copied in any way. EACH BOOKLET WILL BE SENT TO YOU IN A PDF FORMAT. Thank you and have Fun. There are no returnsTHIS BOOKLET IS FREE IF YOU TAKE THE WHOLE COURSE.

Muscle Testing

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    Muscle Testing Gives Access to the Subconscious and Unconscious Mind.               

    Let us examine the 3 Levels of consciousness of the mind.             

    What is Kinesiology (Muscle Testing)?    

    How is this possible?      

    Eight Tips for Muscle-Testing Success      

    Muscle Testing with Kinesiology: How is It Done?              

    Does Kinesiology Really Work?   

    Is Muscle Testing with Kinesiology Safe? 

    Is this a form of medical treatment?        

    How to Muscle Test Yourself       

    How to Muscle Test Yourself – Method 4               

    Muscle Testing Others   

    How to Muscle Test Others          

    Testing Infants, Children, the Elderly, and the Infirm         

    Using the Self Muscle Testing Techniques to Test Others 

    Evaluation Form               

    Charts, (Essential oil, Color, Stones-crystals, numbers

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