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Energy System and Brain

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    Electromagnetic Field

    Biomagnetic Fields and The Human Body

    Understanding Natural and Therapeutic Magnetic Fields

    Do Humans Have A Magnetic Field? 

    How The Body Creates and Uses Electromagnetic Fields

    Vibrational Frequency List of Organs

    The Human Energy System.

    Chakras, Subtle Bodies & The Aura

    How Does Our Physical Body Relate to Our Subtle Energy Systems?

    How Do Our Energy Systems Inter-Connect?

    An Overview of the Human Energy System

    Chakras - The Chakra System


    Our Subtle Bodies & The Aura

    Subtle Bodies & Subtle Energy Points

    Our Subtle Energy Points

    A Guide to Your Subtle Energy Bodies & Points

    Moving Out from Your Physical Body into Your Auric Field

    Your Subtle Energy Bodies

    The Etheric Body

    The Emotional Body

    The Lower Mental Body

    The Higher Mental Body

    The Causal Body

    The Soul Body

    The Integrated Spiritual Body

    Earth Star

    The Hara

    Thymus Chakra

    Soul Star

    The Body Meridians

    The Energy Network of the Body

    The Governing Vessel 

    'Sea of Yang Meridians' 

    The Governing Vessel Meridian Flow

    Governing Vessel Meridian Acu-Points

    The Triple Warmer Meridian

    Three Burners, for Life Energy Transformation

    The Triple Warmer Meridian Route

    Triple Warmer Meridian Acu-Points 

    The Gallbladder Meridian.

    For Courage and Initiative

    The Gallbladder Meridian Route

    Gallbladder Meridian Acu-Points

    The Liver Meridian

    Replenishment of the Blood for Growth and Renewal.

    Meridian Route

    The Liver Meridian Acu-Points.

    The Lung Meridian

    Controls Breath and Energy

    The Lung Meridian Route

    The Lung Meridian Acu-Points

    The Large Intestine Meridian

    Meridian Route

    Large Intestine Acu-Points 

    Nourishment -  Physical and Emotional 

    The Stomach Meridian Route

    Stomach Meridian Acu-Points

    The Spleen Meridian

    For Self Esteem and Open-Mindedness.

    The Spleen Meridian Route

    Boost Your Self-esteem.

    The Heart Meridian - Ruler of Emotions

    Heart Meridian Route

    The Small Intestine Meridian

    Sorting of the Pure and Impure.

    The Small Intestine Meridian Route

    The Small Intestine Meridian Acu-Points

    The Bladder Meridian

    Guardian of Peace

    Bladder Meridian - Flow.. 

    Bladder Meridian Acupoint Charts

    The Kidney Meridian - Root of Life

    Reservoir of Energy Seat of Courage and Willpower.

    Kidney Acu-Points

    The Pericardium Meridian

    Guardian of the Heart 

    The Pericardium Energy Flow

    Meridian Details 113

    The Pericardium Meridian Acu-Points 

    The Meridian Flush... and Meridian Tracing

    Balancing the Meridian Energy Flows.

    Meridian Tracing Technique

    Meridian Flush

    How it works 

    The Law of Vibration

    The Law of Vibration  Nothing ever rests, everything moves, and everything vibrates

    Everything has a Frequency.


    Body Frequencies

    So much depends on our Body Frequencies.

    The world of frequencies 

    Healthy Frequencies in the Human Body

    Brain areas and their functions

    7 Neurotransmitters Vital to Brain and Body Health. 






    Stages of Sleep

    Fascinating brain facts

    6 Fascinating Gender Differences Between Men and Women. 

    Fascinating Fact #1: Details

    Fascinating Fact #2: Worry Warts

    Fascinating Fact #3: Webs vs. Lines

    Fascinating Fact #4: Success and Failure

    Fascinating Fact #5: Effectiveness

    Fascinating Fact #6: Stress Response

    The Bottom Line

    Nutrition for the brain  

    Authors Comments  

A friend came to visit the other day and when it was time for her to leave her parting words were, "What has happened to you? I have known you for years and you have been so ill. What are you doing to get your health back? You look better than I have ever seen you." Those were welcome words. What is the difference? Procedures from The Healthy Way have changed my life. I am so grateful for the ability to sleep again, to walk, to have removed the terrible pain that was with me 24 hours a day. I am grateful to have my life back again. How can anything so easy work? It just does!

​​-Linda Bauer

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