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The Healthy Way Brand

Whole Sum Courage Story

The Story behind this amazing blend began almost 20 years ago.  When we first opened The Healthy Way our choice of the product line was made prayerfully.  The oil line was decided upon and the amounts of the specific oils were purchased.  When it came time to mix our blends we began with prayer.  We asked for an oil blend that we could prepare and use in massage that would protect us from AIDS and HIV.  The inspiration came that we were to mix all of the oils together.  Fear was the first emotion to come forward because, after all, there were $1500 dollars worth of oils before us.  What if it didn't turn out?  However, we chose to follow the inspiration and mixed the oils.   The name by which the preparation would be called was prayed about also and we were to call it Whole Sum Courage.  One day while using the oil with a carrier oil in a massage, I began thinking how grateful I was for the oil.  My Client commented, on how good it smelled and wondered what the name was.  I told her it was called Whole Sum Courage and I began pondering about the name of the oil.  Why was I to call it Whole Sum Courage and why was it to be spelled in the way it was?  All of a sudden it came into my mind that it took the Whole Sum Of My Courage to take $1500 dollars worth of oils, mix them together and take the chance that the oil blend would be good.  I began to laugh and realized that Heavenly Father really does have a sense of humor.  How grateful I am for such a gift to share with others.  I hope this blesses your life as much as it has mine.  Enjoy!

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